That three week gap…too busy to write

It dawned on me today that I had not written about anything the last three weeks. And it made me a smile because this is how the life of a entrepreneur sometimes plays out. I am not sad or unhappy about it – I just know this was at the bottom of the “must do” pile.Continue reading “That three week gap…too busy to write”

Ownership as a Concept – Chronicles of My Retail Life: A Weekly Series on Calabar Imports

Week Three – The Holiday Season is fast approaching: This week was a mixed one. The first lesson was having a staff take ownership of a store that needed ownership. Sometimes it takes a person a while to get there – I typically see it in less than three months, and it happened this week inContinue reading “Ownership as a Concept – Chronicles of My Retail Life: A Weekly Series on Calabar Imports”

The Silence Factory: It is a fun place.

by Atim Annette Oton First published in Calabar Magazine. Every other day, I have the same discussion with someone: an African, a Caribbean or an African-American person. It goes like this: When will we get it together? They complain about how little progress has been made and how we as black people are not ready andContinue reading “The Silence Factory: It is a fun place.”

Small Business Tuesday Tidbits: the September Series

Some days, posting what I think is hard but I know it is important. Three Lessons today to read: Time, Lists and Numbers Time waits for no man/woman. That sure is the statement of the century. I have been at Calabar imports for 10-1/2 years, December will make it 11, and one thing I haveContinue reading “Small Business Tuesday Tidbits: the September Series”