Consulting Offers

In 2014, I am making myself available to grow my consulting business strategically. I was educated as a designer, worked as one and moved into academia as an educator, and opened my retail business which is now 9 years old, so I have a lot to offer – 25 years of incredible business expertise.

AvailableIn 2014, I am available to lecture on the following for a fee:

  • Running a small business
  • Developing a brand
  • Social media and the small business and retail
  • Getting press for your small business
  • Expansion in a down economy
  • Consulting in Africa
  • Building an African business
  • Keeping your business unique
  • Taking risk
  • Working with artisans
  • Choosing the right business
  • Understanding your markets and customer
  • Expanding and serving your customer
In 2014, I am available for consulting to:

  • Work on business plans, start-ups and strategies
  • Assess your brand, viability and products
  • Retail and marketing strategies
  • Buying and selling strategy
  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Develop a press and media package
  • Assist you “mine” your Rolodex/contacts to grow your business and career
  • Help you work on 2014 Plans and Strategies
  • Expand your network through strategy
  • Develop and find more income streams based on your skills.
  • Develop art and design curriculum, workshops and seminars
  • Develop training programs in the US, Africa, Asia, South America – in business, art and design, imports and retail

Interested? Contact me below:


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