You are Your Best or Worst Motivator


Some days, I get stopped by folks on the street, who seem to be watching what I am doing on Facebook regularly, with a question and dialogue about wanting to understand what makes me tick and how I continue to do all that I do. I say simply, I am motivated. And at times, I say that they are sleeping too much. But more precisely, I am my best motivator for myself. I want more for myself and enjoy what I do and want to continue to do so on my own terms.

There are four key concepts I have acknowledged as inspiration kickers:

Fear and Failure

I was taught that the fear is a motivator and I should use it to propel ahead. I acknowledge that like everyone I have it but it is not a killer or my enemy. It does stall me from accomplishing things. It is the oil in my engine and I use it to speed ahead thoughtful. Like fear, I have failure as a gauge, it is what makes me move forward and encourages me to select smart ways of working. These two feed into making me my best motivator.


Self Confidence and Reality

I was raised to be self-confidence and bold by my parents. I talk it, walk it and be it quietly and boldly. I choose self confidence in most of my dealings; it is the fuel that sets me apart. I look to it as one of the most important aspects of my existence. I relish in it. Because of it, I deal with things as reality, not imagined, it is my barometer for how things should me. It is how I meet the world and how it meets me.

Navigator and Switch lanes

Life can be simple or complex, but it needs you to navigate things and situations. Trying to figure things out is one of the talents we all possess and using it as a way to get things done is partly a system of motivation to accomplish ideas, tasks and projects. As a motivator, you must be the driver ready to switch lanes and go off the beaten  track when needed.

Pick Me Up and Move Forward

Some people need others to thrive and encourage them. I am my own “pick me up”; I move me, my ideas and projects from concept to reality. It is the ego in me that can look deep down to pick me up from failure and seek to change and grow. I am my best movitator to move me forward.


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