Musah Swallah’s Sana da Zuwa and The Art of Nigerian Woman at Calabar Gallery 

As I begin to expand Calabar Gallery into Harlem, I am beginning to do exhibitions that are from a range of African, African American and Caribbean artists as well as events that are focused on art like book signings and auction.

Work by Musah Swallah
This May, Musah Swallah’s Sana Da Zuwa, opened on Friday May 12 amd will be on our walls. His work is reminiscent of early El Anastsui as he paints on and carves stories of daily life in Ghana on found wood. Echoimg the spirit of the Hausas and people of Nima, Swallah speaks in a language tgat is accessible as his carefully crafted scenes of everyday life.

The work illustrates vignettes of Ghana, includes potraits of women from a pepper seller to a peanut seller. The exhibition of Swallah’s work will be up up until June 25.

The book, The Art of Nigerian Women

The Art of Nigerian Women by Chuckwuemeka Bosah is an ambitious project realized in a collection of the work of 75 contemporary Nigerian artists. The book was launched on Nigeria earlier this year and it will be launched on May 20 in our gallery here on New York.

The author covers a group of Nigerian artists that typically get ignored, women. He selected a range of artists whose styles and themes vary but speak to the diverse range of work coming from women in and out of the country. To attend this event, attendees must register by Saturday at


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