Our Covid-19 Response means Local Community Farm Shares


Dear all, 

It’s been a hectic 6 weeks and we decided to stay quiet, listen and pay attention to the experts and to absorb the significant impact of Covid-19 and quarantine in New York and globally. The numbers of those lost is staggering, the numbers infected enormous and the lockdown is global. 

As a small local black woman owned business in Harlem, Crown Heights and Bedford Stuyvesant, all our locations have been closed since March 12. We took the approach that LIFE was and still is more important than business. We believe that our customers, staff, artists, suppliers, and even more, our community is more important and valuable, so, safety first.

Our locations will remain close for all typical business until the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo and the mayor declare it is safe to return fully. In the meantime, we made 2 strategic decisions:

To continue to do the community activism work on our Facebook group Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn as an information hub for the neighborhood, please join us there.

To further provide assistance by coming up a remedy for fresh food access in the community of Bed Stuy and Harlem. 

After several discussions with Corbinhill Food Project about their ability to deliver food into Bed Stuy, they have agreed to explore other locations in Bed Stuy and we are looking to develop a location at Calabar Imports on Tompkins Avenue and will need 20 people interested in farm shares to participate.

If you will like to be included in the farm share, please email ohveganlife@gmail.com

We plan to look at possibility of a Harlem location as soon as Bed Stuy is up and running. As time is of the essence, we would like to hear from you by Friday.



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