“Atim is one of the most visionary women I’ve encountered in the last several years. She has an endless repertoire of ideas that are inspirational. I have know Atim for at least ten years and every project we’ve worked on together has been fruitful. I can also add to her credits that she’s one supportive of her friends, and always willing to share herself at a moments notice. Being entrepreneurial is etched into her creative DNA.” – Michele Washington, Creative Director, Office of Michele Washington


“Professional, detailed, proficient and dedicated to the her profession. Based on my experience with Atim, I would definitely continuing working with Atim” – Chauncey Tucker, Designer


“Atim Annette Oton is an energetic visionary, a disciplined management executive, a technically sophisticated person, and an effective diversity-sensitive creative producer that will innovate and create wealth for companies, individuals and organizations she supports. I’ve known her for over five years. We’ve done business together. The relationship began when she created a business consultancy as a magazine product. It was about architects and their role in historic and contemporary construction design in New York, New York. I know her work in that role opened up avenues for commercial projects for her constituents and connected community and business in ways that made sense. She is an expert marketer and compassionate evangelist. She has the drive to learn everything about what’s needed and deliver it. And, she’s an artist with a keen eye for creative design.” William Murrell, Publisher, AboutBlackBoston.com


“Atim is clear on her goals. She is a visionary. She always has some wonderful idea she wants to develop. She seizes opportunities to make things happen and she is not afraid if they are become bigger ideas, because her reach is wide and she has the people she can call on. She wanted to hand out flyers advertising her store, but that was not enough, so she developed a magazine instead, to inform people about what was going on far beyond the walls of her store, Calabar Magazine is her most recent publication

Blacklines was her first publication. It was a nice concept for a magazine, with the goal of introducing architects, engineers, designers and builders from the African Diaspora to the general public and talk about good design. She and her team did a great job of publishing a magazine that was edgy, creative and gave a voice where previously there was none.” Paula J. Griffith for Ikumba


“Atim Oton is a terrific manager and team leader. The job at Parsons required a steady hand and a clear head, and Atim has both. She was always even-tempered and a joy to work with, in spite of the rigors of today’s challenging academic atmosphere.

Academic adminstrative jobs call for individuals who can negotiate well, give advice to students and manage faculty issues all while handling the typical management responsibilities of budget and oversite of an area. Atim handled all with grace. One of the most important things an administrator can do is keep a strong vision alive for students and faculty alike. Atim carried a vision for her area and for the school that was impressive. If you wish to contact me for more details of our working relationship, please email me at mhulick@cia.edu. Mari Hulick, Chair, Communication Design, The Cleveland Institute of Art”


“Ms. Oton has endless energy and a wide range of expertise. She loves a challenge. I have worked with her numerous times on a variety of projects from business development to design. Results were always excellent and I would not hesitate to engage her services.” Deirdre Scott, Owner, DesignPolice


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