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  • 10 Things to change Institutional Racism in White Organizations and Corporations by Atim Annnette Oton

    Yesterday, I talked with a former student about what her company was doing about Black Lives Matter. She said they kept asking what they could do, and like most Black employees, she was remaining quiet, so, I gave her talking points she and her coworkers should ask for. Then, I wrote it out loud and…

  • Morning Sermon: Black Women Centering

    Early morning rise. My body’s time clock has changed. And my morning sermon of observations. I woke up with a series of thoughts that revolve around 3 black women I know and respect. Each has a certain focus: art, health and publishing, and for the last few months to a year, because of their extensive…

  • Senegalese Baskets Anyone?

    #StayHome#StaySafe#6feetApart Dear all,  It’s now week 8 for us in New York and there are hints of a possible reopening plan by Governor Cuomo. As a business with 2 arms: Gallery and Shop, we have decided that we will do a wait and see…translation, we will wait a month after. We are more cautious about…

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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