Morning Sermon: Black Women Centering

Early morning rise. My body’s time clock has changed. And my morning sermon of observations.

I woke up with a series of thoughts that revolve around 3 black women I know and respect. Each has a certain focus: art, health and publishing, and for the last few months to a year, because of their extensive creative energies, talents and ability to do a lot; they are at a place of abundance and trajectory to expand or in layman’s terms, “blow up”.

Ironically, others are watching and have zeroed in on the opportunity to have them work on their own projects and not the women’s core interest projects, taking them away from their focuses.

It’s an interesting thing to watch so often in our community when talented black folks are working on fabulous ideas and projects, others see these talents, rather than come to support it, usurp it for their purpose and the women get distracted by these people’s projects and ironically, stop working or concentrating on their projects and end up not building them.

It pains me to watch this happen so many times and to observe the lack of awareness of what maybe happening to them, because I think, they, in some ways, have huge giving hearts and maybe flattered by all the additional attention. But, it’s vital to call it out.

Like an elder told me and gave me sage advice years ago, first, be selfish to yourself, grow and strengthen your ideas, talents and projects before you attempt to do other people’s and assist but assist a bit with theirs but don’t taken on too much or abandon yours until you have things in order. I have spoken to one and this week will speak to the other two.

We live in a time when talented black women should be supported to blossom their talents, projects and ideas and not utilized, burdened or distracted by projects of others. It is the reason why in the black community, some of the talented are “burdened”, they are doing or carrying too many projects for the entire community and become the go-to person.

It is vital we give space so some of these talented women actually grow and build their projects and that way the overall community can benefit. If not, we all lose and have unfinished and shallow projects.


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