10 Things to change Institutional Racism in White Organizations and Corporations by Atim Annnette Oton

Yesterday, I talked with a former student about what her company was doing about Black Lives Matter. She said they kept asking what they could do, and like most Black employees, she was remaining quiet, so, I gave her talking points she and her coworkers should ask for. Then, I wrote it out loud and shared this list on social media.

Ten (10) asks and things black employees need to discuss with their white corporations and organizations about institutional racism that exists so they can stop sending out Black Lives Matter empty statements. It’s vital to seize the moment to get to the CEO who keeps asking how can we support you…

1. Ask them to share salary information of white and black employees and if there are disparities, ask the CEO to make the changes for pay equity asap. You deserve that raise.

2. Take a look at your promotions and see who gets promoted and how much disparities are in the salaries or raises given between white and black employees. Ask the CEO to do this study of the organization

3. Take a picture of your board and if there is no black board members or just one, it’s time to ask them to add 2 or more black board members

4. Why is your diversity and inclusion not a person of color and why does that person have no power to implement any substantial changes? Is there really a diversity and inclusion plan that has worked?

5. Has your company created safe spaces for black employees to strive, grow and supported them in every way from professional development to self care workshops?

6. Take a look at the work load of black employees, work types or non-innovative work given to black employees that limits challenges thus giving no opportunity for progress. See who is doing the work that makes them promoted easily.

7. Ask your CEO to stop creating yet another committee to discuss the problem of racism and discrimination. Instead, ask the CEO to solve the problem immediately.

8. Ask the company CEO to change its hiring practice from how they get white interns who can work for free while black interns cannot (you might pay them). Ask them to go outside the norm to hire, imagine hiring a black headhunter to find black candidates or make the ask. And go beyond quotas, dare to be bold. Stop the token hiring of “one” smart black person

9. If you work in the banking industry, ask the CEO to stop its perpetuated policies that have made it harder for Black Americans to get lower interest rates, qualify for mortgages or access capital.

10. Ask your CEO to commit to anti-racism personnel policies and racial-equity training. Adopt a no-tolerance-for-racism policy


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