Runo Okiomah’s Maa-Bara: Growing Food Anywhere


Visualization of Maa-Bara’s sustainable aquaponics technology. Image composed by Ogheneruno Okiomah and Daniel Daou.

This is the sixth blog in my series, The Pulse of Africa talking with Global Africans working in Africa and across the Diaspora. It takes an inside view on Africa’s progress, issues on arts and culture, technology and opportunities in this decade. See the series here.

I first met Ogheneruno Okiomah, called Runo to most, at a National Organization of Minority Architects’ Conference in Boston two years ago where I co-produced as Black Design News Network (BDNN) along with my co-Founder, Renee Kemp-Rotan, a day long seminar on Haiti called Post-Earthquake Haiti : Disaster + Design in the Diaspora at the NOMA Conference in October 2010.

Runo and I talked for a while and have periodically; as I tend to keep tabs on innovative thinkers in the Global African design world. She had just finished graduate studies in architecture at MIT and was one of the winners of MIT’s Ideas Global Challenge with three others (Elisha Goodman, Sandy Huang and Dr. Juma).

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