Rediscovering Anthony Barboza through his Extraordinary Photographs and Jazz Moments

I don’t often do any pieces on super stars. But with Anthony Barboza, I could not help it. He really is a super star – chronicling the black experience, especially in jazz. I first really heard about him at an Organization of Black Designers conference about 12 years ago though I had seen his work numerous times in Essence and other publications. He has Cape Verde heritage and since I was and still am a fan of Cesaria Evora, I stopped to pay attention. I was reminded again of him when the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) alumni organization, Fashion Arts Exchange (FAX) gave him an award last year. I missed the event because I was travelling, but I kept thinking about him.

Anthony Barboza, photo courtesy, Michele Papavasiliou

From Anthony Barboza, Adger Cowans,Gordon Parks to Chester Higgins who I met again last year in Brooklyn at the Ethiopian restaurant, Awash in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, I am reminded that these photographers have captured the black experience so eloquently, and they make me proud. I took my time to let this blog brew as it was scheduled to be finished last November but I felt I needed to go through the rhythm. So, last week, when I was listening to Miles Davis, I was reminded of Barboza and decided it was time to return to complete it. And I got up early to write and re-craft my first draft of this blog.

More on HuffingtonPost Black Voices this week.


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