That three week gap…too busy to write

It dawned on me today that I had not written about anything the last three weeks. And it made me a smile because this is how the life of a entrepreneur sometimes plays out. I am not sad or unhappy about it – I just know this was at the bottom of the “must do” pile.Continue reading “That three week gap…too busy to write”

Ownership as a Concept – Chronicles of My Retail Life: A Weekly Series on Calabar Imports

Week Three – The Holiday Season is fast approaching: This week was a mixed one. The first lesson was having a staff take ownership of a store that needed ownership. Sometimes it takes a person a while to get there – I typically see it in less than three months, and it happened this week inContinue reading “Ownership as a Concept – Chronicles of My Retail Life: A Weekly Series on Calabar Imports”

The Silence Factory: It is a fun place.

by Atim Annette Oton First published in Calabar Magazine. Every other day, I have the same discussion with someone: an African, a Caribbean or an African-American person. It goes like this: When will we get it together? They complain about how little progress has been made and how we as black people are not ready andContinue reading “The Silence Factory: It is a fun place.”

Re-building a Brand: Moving Beyond Disasters and seeing Opportunities

by Atim Annette Oton This article was written for Calabar Magazine, see here. Some people experience a disaster and it ends their businesses; I see it as an opportunity. So, in June of this year, when a fire destroyed our store, Calabar Imports on Washington Avenue. My business partner and I took time off –Continue reading “Re-building a Brand: Moving Beyond Disasters and seeing Opportunities”

Design Wednesdays: Vision Map

by Atim Annette Oton Have you sketched an idea down before for a client? Have you been keeping your dreams in your head. Well, it’s time to put it down on paper. And I call this process life mapping and my tool is a Vision map. A number of designers wonder and ask me why IContinue reading “Design Wednesdays: Vision Map”

The Head Game: 6 Ways to Break the What Ifs to do Life’s Work

by Atim Annette Oton Most people wonder why I seem to move ahead and succeed in what I plan or intend. My simple response is that my head game is extremely focused and inline with my life, goals and objectives, and I am on a mission to fulfill my dream. Additionally, I think positively and actuallyContinue reading “The Head Game: 6 Ways to Break the What Ifs to do Life’s Work”

Change and Reinvention: The Art of Navigating your Art or Design Career

by Atim Annette Oton Change is one of the hardest places to get to or to do as an artist or designer, I know. Since graduating from architecture school in 1991, I have been strategic about making change and reinventing myself and career. The 1991 recession made me realize that it would be 10 times harder to get aContinue reading “Change and Reinvention: The Art of Navigating your Art or Design Career”